Learning English is easy: Android apps and tips

30 January 2019

Nowadays almost no one can do without a gadget. They watch movies, play games, sit on social networks, and, of course, study. Using a smartphone to watch webinars and read some useful literature is very convenient. After all, you can do this on long trips, on the way to school or work, in the subway or shuttle bus. In our article, we will look at the applications on Android with which you can learn English.

Приложения для изучения английского языка

Applications for learning English usually contain theory, tasks for independent work, listening and a few games for language skills. In some software, all learning takes the form of games. The choice is obvious: it is easier to perceive new information.

So, the first application is "English with Lingualeo". Basically, this application is free, but even the paid part of it is not expensive. Here you can find grammar courses, learn new words and their spelling. In the app, you can watch videos with subtitles, as well as parsing the translation of songs. The developers have designed "English with Lingualeo" in such a way that the software takes into account your individual characteristics, and a special motivation system - you have to feed Leo the lion cub with meatballs - will turn lessons into a game. For those who exercise regularly, there are bonuses. You can download the Android app at the link.

Lingualeo изучение английского языка

Next on the list is Duolingo. The application allows you to learn not only English but also German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Suitable for those who learn languages from scratch. You only need the Internet to download the next step. The application is easy to navigate: if you already know the basics of the language, you can go straight to the next level. With Duolingo you can fill in the gaps in pronunciation and spelling. Every word and phrase the app will ask you to pronounce it. Download the app here.

Какие приложения для изучения английского языка?

Learn English on your smartphone will help Self-Study English. Here you can learn how to make sentences in different tenses. All you need is a desire to learn and an idea of the basic words of the language. The program will correct and prompt the right one if you make a mistake. Download and install - here's the link.

Скачать приложения для изучения английского

What else can you use to improve your pronunciation and understanding of foreign speech? Communicate in English, for example, in Skype. This will help you overcome the language barrier and make your pronunciation correct. You can find a companion, for example, on italki.com and polyglotclub.com.

Watching movies and TV shows in the original language with subtitles will help you improve your understanding of English. You will hear words in English and immediately see how they are spelled and what they mean.

You can also download the phrasebook app, with each phrase translated by a native speaker. It's sure to help you learn common expressions and communicate in a way that makes you understood.

Приложение для изучения английского

Here are just a few tips and programs to help you learn English. Remember, it is always important to look for a method that is better and more efficient for you than all the others. That way, learning will be a fun and rewarding experience.

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