A new iPhone with a triple camera will be released in September

08 April 2019

Apple will equip the iPhone XI with a triple super-wide-angle lens and a TOF camera. According to the manufacturers, this will be something new in the world of photos taken with the smartphone.

For a long time, Apple has been at the top of the market for camera phones. Things have changed in the last few years. For example, Huawei has released several models of smartphones, ranking at the top of the DxOmark laboratory. In addition to this brand, many other Chinese manufacturers have appeared in the markets, whose gadgets also have an excellent camera. In this case, the price of such smartphones is much lower than the cost of the iPhone.

As it became known from Chinese sources, Apple in 2019 will present a new smartphone - iPhone XI. The gadget will be equipped with a triple main camera. Some details are also published.

Новый iPhone с тройной камерой выйдет в сентябре

The new Apple device will have a super-wide-angle module and a time-of-flight camera. Such modules to date offer companies such as Xiaomi and Huawei. But sources assure that the "Apple" company will make its contribution and will offer users something new.

So, let's continue the story about the characteristics of the new iPhone. It will have, in addition to the already designated wide angle lens, modules with 2x and TOF. All these modules will not be able to be placed in one line, for this reason Apple has made the camera a square block.

The new iPhone is expected to be unveiled in September 2019.