The concept of the most universal smartphone in the world was published on Twitter

08 April 2019

A smartphone with a hole in the screen, a keyboard and retractable cameras. However, this is not all the characteristics of the "universal device".

On his page on the social network Twitter user Ice Univerce posted an interesting concept. The post was called "the most universal smartphone in the world. Among other things, stands out the feature of the placement of the camera - the so-called "bangs" and "forehead", a drop-shaped cutout and a hole in the screen. The device has an additional module, it opens when you slide the main display, as well as a smaller module, located on top. The smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard and one rotating camera. The ToF module and iris scanner are built in.

Концепт самого универсального смартфона в мире опубликован в Twitter

The "most versatile smartphone" also features other all kinds of fingerprint scanners, including optical and ultrasonic.

The smartphone, described by Ice Univerce, is designed to "meet all user requirements.