In Windows 10, secure thumb drive extraction will work by default

08 April 2019

Microsoft will eliminate the need to waste time safely removing the device.

As it became known, in the new version of Windows 10 USB flash drives and other USB storage devices can be removed immediately, without resorting to additional actions. The "Quick Removal" mode will be triggered by default in "10", starting with version 1809.

Microsoft users are already used to having to go through two steps when removing a USB flash drive or other USB devices: first, click on "Safely Remove Hardware" located in the taskbar, and then remove the drive. This option is the only one if the user wants to save his data on the removable drive with a 100% guarantee. In addition, this method is also safe for the flash drive itself. The new version of Windows has simplified the procedure. Now you will be able to remove the drive without any other manipulation. You will be able to do this in "10" since version 1809.

В Windows 10 безопасное извлечение флешек будет работать по умолчанию

It's all about the different activated modes: there are two of them. The first one is performance mode. It was activated by default before. With this mode the reading and writing operations were accelerated. However, there was a disadvantage - it was necessary to properly clear the cache before removing the drive.

In Windows 10, starting with version 1809, "Quick Removal" mode will be triggered by default. This means that the device can be ejected whenever the user wants it to be. In this case there will be no need to clear the cache. However, there is one "but". In this case, the speed of operation and writing information to the drive will be slower.

However, users will be able to use the high speed mode. It will require activation.