Expert: Sensor Tower forecast does not take into account the growth of free applications market

08 April 2019

Yesterday we wrote about Sensor Tower's forecast: according to it, the market for paid apps will expand significantly by 2023. For example, user spending in the App Store and Google Play will increase by 104% and 140%, respectively, and will reach $96 billion and $60 billion in monetary terms in five years.

Rustam Salimzibarov, head of development at Satellite Innovation (Macroscop), shared with Freesoft his opinion on the Sensor Tower study. According to him, it has a major flaw: the company did not take into account the development of the market of free mobile applications. We found this observation to be quite significant:

- The free version of the Sensor Tower forecast has one major flaw: the researchers did not take into account the growth of speeds and the development of free mobile applications. The fact is that the development of 4G/IMT-Advanced standards in the very near future will lead to the development of the Internet of Things by increasing the bandwidth of data streams.

As a consequence, the cell phone can turn into a remote control of everything that surrounds a person in his everyday life. This also applies to intelligent security systems. Today, a camera equipped with the right sensors can open gates and doors, raise the alarm in case of theft or sabotage, look for people and lost objects. High-speed connectivity allows you to do all this from your cell phone. As of April 2019, the number of downloads of free Macroscop software per user on Google Play alone exceeded 50,000.

In five years, thanks to the development of networks, this figure will at least double. Let me be clear: we are not talking about marketing, but about the use of mobile software as a tool for everyday life. Free applications today are often just as good as paid ones in terms of functionality, which means that any research should take them into account as well, otherwise the statistics of projected sales will turn out to be more than irrelevant.