Microsoft's updated Chromium-based Edge browser is available for download

09 April 2019

Microsoft has published the first builds of the Edge browser update online. Now there are "raw" versions available for download - Canary and for developers. The updated browser is not yet ready for daily use.

Representatives of the company said that they are planning to release a beta version soon. It will be updated every six weeks. Updates on Canary will be daily, and on Dev - weekly.

The Edge update is made on the Chromium engine. It allows you to use the same extensions as for the Chrome browser.

Among the announced features is the synchronization of favorites, browsing history and installed plugins. A Microsoft account is required.

Обновлённый браузер Edge на Chromium от Microsoft доступен для скачивания

The new version of the browser from Microsoft carries some nice features for the user. For example, the smooth scrolling of pages in the browser, integration with Windows Hello and improved operation of the touch keyboard.

It's not just the inside of the browser that has changed. Edge has gotten Fluent Design's signature style, and it can expand tab settings. The browser will support handwriting input.

Corporate Vice President of Microsoft said that the company is working directly with teams from Google and the Chromium community. It is noted that not all features of the browser are fully represented now, so it is important to follow the updates.

Right now, you can only download the English-language build for 64-bit Windows 10. It is expected that soon the new Edge can also be installed on Windows 8, Windows 7, as well as macOS.

You can download Canary and Dev versions from Microsoft's official site. However, while the browser is in test mode, it may have bugs.