Sharp foldable gaming smartphone appeared on quality renders

09 April 2019

The new Sharp smartphone can be used both completely unfolded and in a position where the screen halves are slightly bent. The gadget is positioned as a gaming device.

The images were published by the publication LetsGoDigital. Three-dimensional model is a concept of the new smartphone from Sharp. The device has a bendable screen.

Previously Sharp showed such a device. Now the company has presented another one, renderings of which have recently appeared on the Web.

Складной игровой смартфон Sharp появился на качественных рендерах

According to some reports, the smartphone is designed for fans of mobile games and fully meets their needs. You can bend the smartphone in the same way that push-button clamshells used to bend.

Sharp applied for a patent in 2017. Except that information about the device was not published until early April 2019.

It is expected that the smartphone can be used fully unfolded, as well as when its halves are slightly bent.

On the screen of the device there are buttons to control games, the keys are also on the body. There are no characteristics of the cameras or the "insides" of the smartphone yet.