The new EVGA GeForce graphics card will cost $1,900

09 April 2019

Today we unveiled a new EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Kingpin graphics card. It has a 19-phase power subsystem and hybrid cooling system. However, the price of this model is not budget-friendly at all.

The graphics card was shown at the CES 2019 technical novelties exhibition in early January. However, the novelty was presented to the general public only now. The model is very different from its predecessors in the Kingpin line. There are differences with other EVGA and RTX 2080 Ti cards on the market.

EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Kingpin is created for overclocking - for this purpose in the video card created numerous features of the adapter. However, the novelty will cost as much as $ 1900. The price may scare a large number of potential buyers.

Новая видеокарта EVGA GeForce будет стоить 1900 долларов

The adapter has a hybrid cooling system with a liquid system with a pump Asetek and 240-millimeter radiator. There is also a copper radiator on the video card. It is due to the hybrid cooling system the size of the card is relatively small - 291 mm.

The overclocking capabilities should be positively affected by the 12-layer printed circuit board and 19-phase power supply system. The graphics card is not likely to lack power even under extreme loads.

There are 12 temperature sensors, Probe-It and EVBot ports and OLED screen. It displays useful information about the device.

The graphics card runs at 1770 MHz. Its memory is 14,000 MHz.