The new iPhone 8 may get facial recognition

01 August 2017
New rumors about the potential features of the new iPhone 8 appear with enviable regularity. So this time, fans of smartphones from Apple have been pleased with the news about the probable rejection of the Touch ID fingerprint feature in favor of face recognition.The fact is that references to the new feature, which may appear in the iPhone 8, were found in the code of the firmware for the smart speaker Apple HomePod. For example, in the BiometricKit section, which stores information about the fingerprint scanning function (Touch ID), we found multiple mentions of face recognition (FaceDetect). Perhaps the most pleasant piece of news will be the presence of information about infrared sensors on the front side of the iPhone 8. It is likely that they will be used for user authentication through facial recognition. If we believe the rumors, the new feature will replace the already familiar to many Touch ID and will be called Pearl ID.