The Odnoklassniki social network will launch its own series and shows

31 July 2017
Good news for those who are used to communicate with family and friends in the social network "Odnoklassniki", and also like to watch various TV series and reality shows. The fact is that a source close to the company, said the resource RBC about the launch of a new project, implying the release of social network own video content. If you believe the published information, the representatives of the social network are already negotiating with the producers of serials, as well as TV channels. It is also reported that this year should go pilot series of at least four projects, one of which will be a reality show about dieting and weight loss. The other three should be a series aimed at the family and female audience. It is expected that each of the aforementioned projects will consist of 20 episodes, lasting about 20 minutes. In this case, the budget of each episode could range from 1.5 to 3 million rubles. Showing your own video content should increase the time that users spend in the social network. In turn, this will help to increase profits from advertising and increase the attractiveness of the social network for investors. It is worth adding that Mail.Ru Group, which owns the social network, plans to start showing its own video in all of its projects and Odnoklassniki will become a kind of testing ground for the innovation.