A new Russian smartphone with enhanced protection against cyber espionage will soon go on sale

18 April 2017
Many users of modern gadgets are not unreasonable doubts about the security of personal data stored in the memory of a smartphone or tablet. New programs are regularly released to protect against cyber espionage, but criminals do not stand still. Therefore, the release of the Russian smartphone TaigaPhone, which should receive enhanced protection against data interception and leakage, can be called highly anticipated.TaigaPhone is developed by Taiga Systems, 99% owned by Natalia Kasperskaya, head of InfoWatch Group. Of course, the new Russian smartphone will not get rid of its Chinese roots: the device with model number TP_1_3000 will be produced by a company with an ear-pleasing name Zopo. Despite the strange name for a Russian person, the company has managed to earn some popularity in the field of budget gadgets based on MediaTek chipsets.Alexei Nagorny - co-owner of Taiga System, shared some information about the new gadget. According to him, TaigaPhone will run a modified version of Android 6.0. The firmware will have several levels of protection. For example, the user will be able to manage the system components and manually enable and disable access to the camera, location and even the microphone. Thus, the smartphone can be deliberately turned into a "brick", and you can do it with just 1-2 buttons. Of course, it is not necessary to block all the features of the gadget at once: the users will be able to turn off only unnecessary functions and activate them at the appropriate moment. Unfortunately, the TaigaPhone specifications, as well as the appearance and the cost of the gadget, are still kept secret. Nevertheless, since a declaration of conformity has already been submitted to Rosakkreditatsiya, we can assume that the official announcement of the new product will take place very soon.