GeForce Now cloud service is out of beta

05 February 2020

Games in the cloud are no longer a fantasy. It is reported that the beta testing of GeForce Now is over. The service has been officially released.

Picture by Nvidia.

What's the point of GeForce Now? The project allows you to enjoy demanding hits. You don't need a powerful computer. Any notebook can do it.

The secret is simple. Your game apps run on GeForce Now servers. The user receives the completed picture. Streaming is like a Netflix video.

So you can do without top hardware. The main thing is a fast Internet without delays. Support for Windows and macOS based PCs is announced. There are also clients for Android devices (smart TVs and phones).

Image - Nvidia

Important point: GeForce Now does not sell games. You need to connect one of the popular libraries. For example, Uplay, Epic Game Store or Steam. Everything that the user bought is imported.

Offers two modes of operation. The first is free, but with limits. The length of sessions is limited to 1 hour. Then it is disconnected. The image is standard, without ray tracing in real time.

The second way is a monthly subscription. It costs $4.99 (if you pay for a year). In return, it offers RTX, priority access, and more. The benefits are obvious.

Image - Nvidia

Unfortunately, things are worse in Russia. GeForce Now in the RF is represented by GFN.RU. The latter is going to charge gamers 999 rubles per month. At least twice as much.