Owners of iPhone X encountered difficulties when using the gadget in the cold

13 November 2017
It has not been long since the official launch of the iPhone X gadgets, as the first complaints about their performance have appeared. It turns out that Apple's flagship doesn't tolerate the cold as well as we would like it to.The fact is that when using the iPhone X in the cold, the smartphone's display stops responding to touch. Users report both insensitivity of the entire screen and its individual parts. Interestingly, the Apple's support site indicates the ambient temperature range for operation of the company's devices, including iPhone - from 0 to 35 °C, as well as for storing gadgets -20 to 45 °C. It's worth adding that Apple representatives are already aware of the malfunction. In a statement to journalists from The Loop, they reported that the gadget's screen completely recovers in a few seconds. In addition, in the near future there will be an official fix for the problem, along with the release of a software update. We can only hope that the release of the update is not long in coming, and the happy owners of Apple flagships will be able to operate their new smartphones unhindered even in the impending winter.