Yandex.Taxi has a special fare for rides with children

13 November 2017
Good news for those who often have to use cab services, including when traveling with small children. In the service Yandex.Taxi a new tariff is available especially for such cases.As you can easily guess, the tariff is called "Children's". Under its terms, the cost of filing a car will be 199 rubles. It will include 1 child seat, 2 km. way, as well as 5 minutes of free waiting. Thus, users will not have to write every time they need a special seat for a child. For this purpose, 8300 Cybex Aura Fix (Isis-Fix) child seats have already been purchased, 5000 of which have already been sent to taxi fleets in Moscow and the region. It is reported that the rest will be distributed among the partners of the service in St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Omsk by the end of February 2018. It is worth noting that, according to Yandex.Taxi representatives, only drivers with the highest rating will fulfill orders at the new rate. Moreover, such drivers will be obliged to undergo special training on the installation, adjustment and fixing of children's seats, as well as on communication with parents and their children, specially developed by psychologists and teachers of the Higher School of Economics. The new fare was launched in cooperation with the brand "Agusha" and is only available for Yandex.Taxi users from Moscow and the near Moscow suburbs for now. Residents of other cities will have to wait a little longer.