iPhone X owners complain about paint peeling off the gadget

21 November 2017
Some owners of Apple's flagship smartphone, the iPhone X, have begun to complain about paint peeling. Relevant messages, as well as photographs confirming them, appeared on the social news resource Reddit.As many may recall, a number of problems with the gadget had already been discovered earlier. Among them was the loss of touchscreen performance in cold weather, the presence of a thin green stripe on the screen, as well as extraneous sounds from the front speaker. Now it turns out that the body of the gadget, the cost of which starts almost 80 thousand rubles, is more prone to scratches and paint slippage than less expensive predecessors.According to users, the paint on the iPhone X begins to peel off even after a short period of use. For the most part, we are talking about the bottom edge of the gadget, but there are reports of the same problem on the sides of the smartphone. However, it is worth noting that the above-mentioned problem is not a massive one. Probably it is a consequence of careless handling of the smartphone, but not a factory defect. Be that as it may, but such an easy and quick violation of the integrity of the paint and susceptibility to scratches for a device worth almost 100 thousand rubles can not be happy.