Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 complain about the smartphone freezes

02 November 2017
Surely many people remember the unpleasant property of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, associated with its spontaneous combustion. In this regard, some potential buyers were apprehensive about the new flagship of the Korean company. Despite the fact that the Galaxy Note 8 has no such problems, smartphone users complain about another problem, albeit much more harmless.We are talking about frequent freezes smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 8. They can manifest themselves at any time, regardless of what programs are used, but the most common complaints are related to accessing contacts. It does not matter whether the user is trying to open the phone book directly, or through any application - the smartphone simply stops responding to any requests. It is reported that the Galaxy Note 8 can only be restored to working order by performing a forced reboot, or by removing the battery. Despite the fact that complaints come from around the world, Samsung specialists are in no hurry to make official statements about it. It is most likely that the problem with hanging smartphone will be corrected in the nearest software update.