Mail.Ru cloud will help to find a smartphone in case of loss

26 December 2017
A new version of Mail.Ru Cloud mobile application for Android and iOS was released. The main innovation was the function that allows you to find out who tried to access the user's cloud storage.Thanks to the new feature, when an unsuccessful login attempt is made, Mail.Ru Cloud will take a picture from the front camera of the mobile device and save it along with the coordinates of the location of the picture. This will help to find the gadget faster in case of loss or transfer the data to the relevant authorities. It is expected that the innovation will be useful in the case of smartphone theft, but it is unlikely that the robber will be interested in the contents of the Cloud of the victim. On the other hand, it can help identify particularly nosy colleagues or acquaintances, if you "accidentally" leave your mobile device in a prominent place when leaving the classroom. In addition, the developers have introduced a lock function in the application when you turn the mobile device upside down. In order to use it, it is necessary to activate PIN-code protection, fingerprint authentication or Face ID. Everyone can try the innovation. To do this, you need to install the current version of Mail.Ru Cloud app for Android or iOS on your gadget.