Opera browser will have anti-miner feature

27 December 2017
As interest in cryptocurrency grows, so does the number of ways to mine it. And we are talking not only about farms, but also about mining scripts that use computers of unsuspecting users when they visit certain sites. Opera specialists have developed a tool to block such scripts and implemented it in their browser.Opera developers note that even after the user leaves the site with a hidden miner, cryptocurrency mining using the power of his/her device may continue. This will affect the power consumption and overall performance of the PC. In this regard, the NoCoin tool was developed. It is designed to block miner scripts in the same way as it happens with ordinary ads on the Internet. You can activate the new feature in the settings, in the ad blocker section. However, this can be done only in Opera 50 Beta RC, which is currently being tested. The official release of the updated browser with NoCion function should take place in January 2018. In the meantime, everyone who wants to protect themselves from miners can only wait, or try the beta version of Opera, which may work unstable.