Classmates will help you create New Year video cards with greetings from stars

27 December 2017
The New Year is approaching and many people are looking for an original way to congratulate relatives and friends on the holiday. The team of developers of Odnoklassniki social network provided everyone with such an opportunity by launching their own designer of New Year cards called "Cool Cards".A nice feature of the new service is the ability to create your own video greeting, which will read out Russian film, TV, music and sports stars. The congratulations can independently choose the wishes, and then share the result with friends, relatives or colleagues through social networks, or download the resulting video to your computer. In this case, nothing prevents the recipient from wishing to be a good boy and a good girl at the same time, so the season of Christmas pranks can be considered open. It is reported that the project was created in conjunction with the festival "Journey to Christmas". It was attended by actors Alexander Demidov, Alice Grebenshikova, Maria Mironova, Mikhail Policeimako and Roman Polyanski, musician Anton Lavrentiev, singer Sergei Volchkov, fashion designer Denis Simachev, tennis player Anastasia Myskin, artist Andrei Bartenev, publicist Irina Hakamada, and even a robot actor Thespian. Everyone can create their own video postcard on the official website of the project. According to the developers, it can be done on any device.