WattUp will charge gadgets wirelessly from up to one meter away

28 December 2017
Back in 2014, Energous introduced its own wireless charging technology. In a video published at the time, the developers claimed that the system would be able to charge devices up to 10 feet away, which is approximately three meters. Finally, the first generation of the long-awaited device is ready for release. However, its capabilities proved to be somewhat exaggerated.The device, dubbed WattUp, works as follows. It converts the energy into radio waves and directs them to a special receiver, located on the gadgets that need to be charged. The Federal Communications Commission in the U.S. found the technology to be safe and suitable for daily use. The Commission also reported that the WattUp device has successfully demonstrated wireless charging of devices up to one meter away, which is three times less than what was originally announced. Nevertheless, it is still too early to write off the above devices. The fact is that the WattUp has one attractive feature, namely, it allows charging an unlimited number of devices simultaneously. These can be smartphones, tablets, gamepads, headphones and many more. In addition, the devices to be charged will not have to be placed on the charger, as it is necessary in the case of existing wireless "chargers". In addition to this, developers plan to make the technology compatible for different manufacturers. This means that with WattUp it will be possible to charge both Android gadgets and iPhones. It is known that Energous plans to present WattUp to the world at the CES 2018 exhibition. Recall that it will be held from 9 to 12 January in Las Vegas. Probably then we will know the approximate date of release of the wireless charger on the world market.