A virus has been discovered that forces victims to play PUBG

12 April 2018
PC users are threatened by a new ransomware virus. Once on the victim's computer, it encrypts data from the desktop and makes demands to decrypt it. However, unlike most other ransomware, there is nothing to be afraid of.The new virus differs from many other ransomware in the requirements that the user must meet to gain access to their data. To do so, it will suffice to play PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for one hour. By the way, the virus has a corresponding name - PUBG Ransomware. Along with these "inhuman" requirements, the attacker informs that he does not need money. Having played one of the most popular games of our time for a while, the victim can get back all the data encrypted by the virus. For those who didn't want to buy PUBG, you may simply rename any executable file to "TslGame.exe" and run it. The thing is, the virus doesn't check if the game has actually been run. Instead, it simply monitors the launch of the aforementioned file. There is an even simpler way to get rid of the virus. The attacker's message, in addition to demanding to play PUBG, contains a recovery code, which you can simply enter in the appropriate field to decrypt user data.