Windows 10 update causes blue screen of death

04 February 2020

Microsoft has been going through a lot of bad stuff lately. The company is releasing problematic updates for Windows 10. They appear literally one after another.

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You don't have to go far to find examples. One recent update broke the search in Explorer. To fix it, the cumulative patch KB4532695 was created.

Unfortunately, KB4532695 did not bring relief. Instead, Windows 10 fans encountered another bug. We're talking about the frequent occurrence of the Blue Screen of Death.

The troubles do not end there. KB4532695 can corrupt the sound. There are also reports of slow system startup. Windows 10 can take unusually long to start up.

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Some write about the PC power button not working. Among other things, users are haunted by cyclic rebooting of the computer. It is not possible to avoid the said even by reinstalling Windows 10.

However, such complaints are not too numerous. So far they have not taken a mass character. The negative effects occur not for everyone. When can we expect a patch from Microsoft? Alas, the corporation does not comment on what is happening.