Fans have created a museum of Flash games

04 February 2020

Everyone is familiar with Flash technology. It was used to make online games, various players and so on. Alas, the time of this solution has come to an end. It is outdated.

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The owner of Flash, Adobe , announced the following. The platform will be "closed" in the coming months. The corporation will abandon it until 2021. After a year, the official support will cease.

Adobe partners will do the same. The corresponding module has already disappeared from some browsers. There will be nothing to play Flash on the Internet.

This threatens tens of thousands of Flash games. Imagine - how many of these have been placed on the Web in 20 years? Among them is a huge number of hits. People still enjoy them today.

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Fortunately, there are enthusiasts. They are led by the famous YouTube blogger BlueMaxim. His team has unveiled a project to save Flash.

The initiative is called Flashpoint. This is something like a virtual museum or library. The latter contains 36,000 Flash games.

Applications are saved at the request of their developers. In the first place. In addition, the opinion of copyright holders is taken into account. "Flashpoints" are launched in offline mode.

There is a special "Launcher". In it you can see a list of saved Flash. Any - if desired - is installed on the user's PC. No plugin or browser is required.

Want all at once? A 241GB archive is available. It is absolutely free, just download and unzip.