Windows 10 update caused sound problems and BSODs on some PCs

15 October 2018

As many may have heard, Microsoft fixed the October update to Windows 10 that deleted users' files and released a patch to that effect. It would seem that this would be the end of the story and "10" users will finally be able to operate their PCs in peace, but it was not to be. The cumulative update that fixes the bug with file deletion caused even more problems.

Update KB4464330 for version 1809 and KB4462919 for version 1803 are reported to cause very unpleasant problems, which cause "Blue Screen of Death" (BSOD) on some PCs and laptops. For the most part, HP devices are affected. Microsoft has already acknowledged the presence of the problem although it has not mentioned what exactly it is. Together with HP specialists they are looking for ways to fix the problem, but the release date of the bug fixes has not been officially announced.

Those who hoped that these were all the problems caused by the recent Windows 10 update and who believed that all the possible bugs have passed by the side will have to disappoint. Another unpleasant side effect after installing the update was the disappearance of sound.

Interestingly, the problem manifests itself differently for many. Some users complain about the disappearance of sound only in games, while others have a complete absence of any sound. In some cases, Windows 10 stops displaying audio device drivers at all. There are no official fixes yet, but some temporary solutions to the problem have already been discovered. So, on the Reddit forum, instructions were published, according to which, in order to restore the sound, you need to go to the device management menu, then to the section Sound, video and game controllers, and then find any audio driver that has "SST" in its name, right-click on it and select the update option. Then, the only thing left is to select High Definition Audio.

The method described above, unfortunately, does not help everyone. Microsoft specialists have already been informed about the problem and are looking for ways to fix it. So those who experience problems with the sound in Windows 10 will have to wait for the next system update. We can only hope that it will not cause new problems.