Facebook Messenger will get a function to delete messages sent

15 October 2018
Good news for Facebook Messenger users. In the near future the program may get support for one of the most popular features of other popular messengers.We are talking about the introduction of a function to delete messages that have already been sent. Of course, there is nothing supernatural in simply erasing text from the history. Nevertheless, in this case we are talking about deleting a message for all participants of the conversation. This innovation will be useful in cases when a text was written "in a hurry", has already lost relevance, or was sent by mistake. This feature has been present in many other messengers for quite some time and it's strange that the developers of Facebook decided to introduce it only now, but better late than never. In order to use the innovation, it will be necessary to press and hold on the desired message and then select one of two options for deletion: Delete or Unsend. In the first case, the message will be deleted only for the user, and in the second - for all participants of the conversation. Of course, this feature will be available for a limited time. Only a small number of users participating in the testing can try the innovation so far. When all Messenger users will be able to try it - it is hard to say yet, but it will probably happen in the near future.