Oppo announced its own counterpart to Huawei's "scary" GPU Turbo

12 October 2018
Surely, many people have heard about the GPU Turbo technology in Huawei smartphones, which the company's representatives called nothing short of "scary". It seems that other Chinese manufacturers have also decided to "scare" users. Thus, Oppo announced its own technology that works on the principle of GPU Turbo.The technology is called Oppo Hyper Boost. It is designed to optimize the company's smartphones and improve both system performance and simple applications, as well as during games. Of course, the manufacturer has made the main emphasis on the latter. Thanks to cooperation with the developers of the most popular game engines, Oppo specialists plan to achieve an increase in the performance of their smartphones in more than 100 mobile games. It is worth noting that at the moment support for Hyper Boost is present in 11 popular games for Android. It is expected that over time Oppo will attract new developers and thus expand this list. In addition, we already know the first smartphones that will receive Hyper Boost support. They will be Oppo R17 and R17 Pro.