Updated OneDrive for iOS gets new file upload options

24 April 2017
More and more owners of modern gadgets prefer cloud storage, abandoning more traditional ways of storing and transferring files. As usual, demand creates supply and many companies all over the world offer their own cloud solutions. As a rule, they differ little from each other in terms of features and therefore users are guided by the amount of free storage available, the pricing policy for its increase and the overall usability of the service when choosing the most appropriate option. Therefore, the last update has shifted the scales a little bit more in favor of OneDrive.The point is that developers from Microsoft have made uploading files to the cloud even faster and more convenient. Now, instead of constantly switching between different applications, you can upload the necessary photos, videos, documents or any other important files to OneDrive without leaving the application. To do this, you only need to click on the button "+", then "add" and select the item "more", and then you can choose the desired application to download files from it. It is worth adding that only users of iOS-gadgets can use the innovation. By the way, along with the introduction of new features, the developers have not ignored the bugs that users of the previous version of the program complained about. Thus, the update also brought a number of corrections and overall optimization of the application OneDrive. Everyone who owns an Apple gadget can try the innovations. To do this, you only need to install the official application OneDrive version 8.14 on your smartphone or tablet.