Updated Opera browser offers fast access to the most popular messengers

11 May 2017
Surely many people remember that back in January of this year Opera presented an experimental browser Neon. At that time, the company tried to imagine what the browser of the future would be like. Now, the next version of the classic Opera under the codename "Reborn" was released, which got the best components of the concept loved by many, as well as a number of other pleasant innovations.Perhaps the most useful of them was the integration with the most popular messengers. So, on the sidebar appeared icons WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, clicking on which you can instantly start communicating with your family and friends, without interrupting your work on the Internet. It's worth adding that after a small adjustment of the sidebar, the list of available messengers can be added to Telegram. At the same time, you can switch between them with the help of hot keys: for example, for Windows and Linux users, just press Ctrl + Shift + M.In addition, Opera has improved the user interface. Users now have two color options available: light and dark, as well as a number of new background images. Another pleasant surprise will be the new animation, which makes the Reborn interface even more lively. Among other innovations, it is worth mentioning the updated ad blocking tool. It now automatically reloads the page after you turn it on and off, so that the changes take effect immediately. In addition, the latest update has made it even easier to manage block lists. Now the user can control the downloaded lists by means of a dialog window. Of course, this is not all the innovations that Opera browser under the code name "Reborn" has received. Everyone can get acquainted with them independently. To do this, you only need to install the current version of Opera on your computer.