Google Allo has learned to create personalized sets of stickers from users' selfies

12 May 2017
More and more messengers and social networks are getting support for stickers. The new feature quickly attracts the attention of users and wins their sympathy. And given the insane popularity of selfies around the world, the ability to create exclusive stickers from your own photos promises to become very popular. That is what the developers of Google Allo have staked on this in the latest update of the messenger.About the possible introduction of this feature became known back in January, but for a wider audience the update has become available only now. It is reported that to create stickers of selfies, messenger uses neural networks with machine learning technology, which allows you to recognize facial features in photos and convert them into drawn characters. In addition, those who were dissatisfied with the result, will be able to edit the stickers with a special animated editor. It is worth adding that the new feature of Google Allo saw the light thanks to the joint efforts of the development team and artist Lamar Abrams. Owners of Android gadgets can try out in practice the fruits of this cooperation. As for the owners of mobile devices from Apple, they will have to wait a little.