The next Windows 10 Fall Creators update will improve interaction with Android and iOS

12 May 2017
At the Build 2017 conference, Microsoft revealed the upcoming Windows 10 update, called Fall Creators. The operating system will get a lot of useful innovations, one of which will be a pleasant surprise for active users of mobile gadgets.The point is that the Windows 10 Fall Creators update will simplify the interaction between PCs and gadgets running Android and iOS. Thanks to this innovation, users will be able to start working in this or that application on one device, and finish - on another. Previously, such an opportunity was available only to users of Apple products, but in this case, it was only about working exclusively on the company's devices. Microsoft offers a universal solution that simplifies the interaction with the devices of competitors, which turned out to be much more popular among users.The update will bring a new function - "Timeline". With its help, it will be possible to see all open applications, documents and web pages on a single timeline in chronological order and switch between them on PC or mobile devices. Another pleasant innovation will be the introduction of a single clipboard between the computer and smartphones on Android and iOS. The feature, called "Clipboard," will allow you to copy text, photos, or any other data on one device and then paste it into documents on the other. Previously, many people used Pushbullet or other similar services for this purpose, but once Windows 10 Fall Creators is installed, the need for them may disappear for good. On the other hand, Clipboard support so far has only been announced in the SwiftKey keyboard bought out by Microsoft. All these and other new features will be available for everyone with the global Windows 10 Fall Creators update, which will be released this fall.