Another bug in Instagram led to leaks of celebrities' personal data

01 September 2017
An unpleasant incident happened in Instagram the other day. The thing is that the specialists of the social network discovered a bug that allowed attackers to gain access to user data.It is known that the attackers targeted accounts with a large number of subscribers. The bug allowed hackers to get hold of the phone numbers and email addresses of celebrities. This, in turn, helped them gain control of the accounts. The company representatives have not voiced the number of victims of the hackers' actions. Despite the fact that the accounts of the victims have not been officially named, there is reason to believe that Selena Gomez's account was hacked earlier this week thanks to a discovered bug. Recall that on Monday, attackers took over the singer's Instagram account and posted a photo with Justin Bieber. Nevertheless, control over the account was restored the same day. Instagram representatives say that the bug has already been fixed and a thorough investigation of what happened is underway. Users who may have been affected by the leak received official notifications. Nevertheless, company specialists recommend all users to be more careful with calls, messages and emails coming from unknown persons.