Microsoft and Amazon voice assistants will learn to work together

31 August 2017
Recently, more and more voice-activated assistants have become available. Perhaps every IT giant is trying to bring its own product to the market. The most popular examples are Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana and Google Assistant. In addition, Samsung's Bixby and Amazon's Alexa have recently emerged as new assistants. Due to growing competition, some developers are looking to form alliances and join forces against competitors. This time, Amazon and Microsoft signed a cooperation agreement, as a result of which Alexa and Cortana began to learn to work together.It is expected that when the work to introduce interaction capabilities between Cortana and Alexa is completed, the assistants will be able to pass commands to each other. This will happen by the end of 2017. At this stage, the joint work of the voice assistants does not look very effective - the user has to ask one assistant to launch the other and only then pass the desired command. It remains to be hoped that in the future the situation will change for the better.Representatives of both companies are confident that the new cooperation will also be useful for users. For example, Cortana, which is used by more than 145 million Windows 10 users monthly, has deep integration with numerous Microsoft services, for example - Outlook. This means that the assistant allows even easier and more convenient interaction with other products of the software giant. At the same time, Amazon has sold "millions" of Echo speakers with built-in Alexa assistant. Thus, working together with Cortana will make it much easier for users of Microsoft products to control smart speakers.