2GIS mobile version became even more functional

31 August 2017
Many 2GIS users have probably noticed that the mobile version of the service is inferior to the computer version in terms of convenience and the number of available functions. The official applications, of course, do not have these disadvantages, but not everyone has the desire and opportunity to install it on their gadgets, especially when information is needed in the shortest possible time. Finally, the developers have responded to the users' requests and enhanced the features of the mobile version of the reference-mapping service.If previously the mobile version of 2GIS represented a reduced version of the main site and provided the user with access to only a portion of its capabilities, now it is a full-fledged and completely revised reference-mapping online service. It is designed in such a way that it is convenient to manage requests and build routes on the go, using only one hand. The interface of the service is now fully adapted to mobile devices, and a set of features is if not fully consistent with, then as close as possible to the functionality of the full version of the site. It should be added that due to optimization, 2GIS startup screen on mobile devices has become about 2 times faster to load than before. For some 2GIS users the innovation will not come as a surprise. The fact is that the first version of the improved mobile version of the service became available to Ufa users almost a year ago - back in January. Then, a month later, the updated product was launched in Novosibirsk. Now that testing has come to an end, the improved mobile 2GIS has been launched nationwide. Users from all Russian cities in which 2GIS is active can try the innovation. To do this, simply go to the official site of the reference-mapping service from your smartphone or tablet.