"Odnoklassniki has gained support for live broadcasts in Full HD

30 August 2017
Surely many people have heard that the social network "Odnoklassniki" has launched its own service for viewing and creating live broadcasts - OK Live. Finally, the developers made their product even better by introducing support for video in Full HD.It is reported that the quality of video broadcasts automatically adjusts to the speed of users' Internet connection. This became possible due to the introduction of a native streaming protocol. The new technology was tested during the "Movie Night" event. Note that within its framework, Odnoklassniki hosted broadcasts of lectures on cinematography, as well as meetings with actors and directors. In order to launch your own broadcast in Full HD, you must have access to the internet with a speed of at least 3 Mbit/s. It can be both Wi-Fi and conventional cellular network. However, support for the new feature is still only present in the version of the application OK Live for gadgets running Android. The update will reach iPhones and iPads only a little later.