The popular game World of Tanks has got a new mode

30 August 2017

Good news for World of Tanks fans. The next update of the game, numbered 9.20, which brought a number of changes.

First of all, it is worth noting the emergence of a new mode in the game - "General Battle". It will involve two teams of 30 players each, and the players will start in three points on the map. Also, each team will not be able to use more than four AAUs. Of course, such a scale of battle demanded and increased the size of the battlefield, which became twice as large as the standard. By the way, this time the opponents will converge on a completely new map - Nebelburg. Not everyone can take part in such a battle - only machines of the 10th level are allowed, but the reward for the victory promises to be appropriate.

Winning a new type of battle, players will receive bonuses, which can be exchanged for pre-combat instructions and upgraded equipment. By the way, the developers warn that the dismantling of such equipment will now only be possible in exchange for coupons. In this regard, after installing the update, upgraded equipment will be removed from the machines of all players, so they can install it at their discretion.

In addition, in World of Tanks appeared branch of the nine Chinese AT-Auto, which boasts a large radius of sight and good camouflage, which makes them truly versatile fighting machines. Also, the characteristics of Soviet, Japanese, American and French vehicles were changed.

Everyone can try out the innovations. To do this, just install an updated version of World of Tanks on your computer.