Google's Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones officially launched

10 October 2018
At a special event in New York, Google presented two long-awaited new products. They were the new flagship smartphones Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.The first thing that catches the eye when looking at the new items is the frameless design. Both smartphones retained the size of their predecessors - the second generation Pixel, but, at the same time, got a reduced frame around the screen. In this case, so hated by many cutout in the style of the iPhone X received only the older smartphone model: Pixel 3 XL. The diagonal of its screen is 6.3 inches at a resolution of 2960x1440 pixels. As for the younger model - Pixel 3, it boasts a screen diagonal of 5.5 inches with a resolution of 2160x1080 pixels. It is worth noting that both models received OLED displays. Unlike most modern smartphones that have a dual (and some, like the Huawei P20 Pro, even triple) main camera, both new Pixel retained a single rear camera. Its resolution is 12.2 megapixels, and its aperture is F1.8. The front cameras, on the other hand, became two. Both sensors received a resolution of 8 megapixels with an aperture of F1.8 and F2.2. At the heart of the devices is a single-crystal system Snapdragon 845. Both "Pixels" have 4 GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GB of internal memory. The battery capacity is 2,915 mAh in the younger model and 3,430 mAh in the older model. At the same time, for both gadgets stated battery life in video mode is 11 hours. From other nice features of smartphones we can mention the possibility to call the Google Assistant, to launch the camera or other applications by squeezing the aluminum frame - Active Edge. We should also add that Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL were the first smartphones from Google, which received wireless charging support. By the way, was presented and the wireless charger - Pixel Stand, which costs $79. Otherwise, both flagships from Google received water and dust protection at IP68, USB Type-C 3.1 port, and the fingerprint scanner and remained on the back side. The front and back panels of both Pixel are protected by Gorilla Glass 5. Of course, smartphones run Android 9 Pie, and instead of the usual on-screen buttons, gestures are now used by default to control gadgets.Buy Google Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL can be in three colors - white (Clearly White), black (Just Black) and pink, which in earlier leaks was mentioned as "sand", but officially was named, oddly enough, "Not Pink" (not pink). The cost of the junior model - Pixel 3, is $799 for the version with 64 GB of internal memory, and for the gadget with 128 GB will have to pay $ 899. Pixel 3 XL will cost $ 899 or $ 999 respectively. Acceptance of pre-orders for smartphones has already begun, and deliveries will start only on October 19.