Google will give users more control over third-party app permissions

09 October 2018
Good news for Android users worried about their privacy. Within the next few months, Google will make control over third-party app permissions even more precise.At the moment, if any third-party app requests permission to access data from the Google account, the user sees only a general request. Thus, for the time being, it is possible to set up permissions only "by the pack," without getting into their essence. Now, Google specialists intend to make each request a separate dialog box. This means that if the application requests, for example, access to calendar events and the contents of the storage in Google Drive, the user will be able to allow the first action and prohibit the second. Another good news is the introduction of additional measures to combat the spying on users, as well as with the programs, spies. One of them was the restriction of access to SMS and call history for third-party applications. This means that only the programs selected "by default" in the system will be able to work with the listed information. However, there are some exceptions. For example, data backup applications and voicemail services will not be affected by these changes.