ONYX BOOX Nova 2 - the flagship reader

26 March 2020

It seems that people are reading less. But this is a false impression. There are plenty of book lovers. This is proved by the book readers which are coming out one after the other. The demand for them is not falling.

Image from liliputing.com

Devices with E Ink screens come in many forms. Some are simple, some not so simple. The latter includes the model ONYX BOOX Nova 2. In terms of features and "stuffing" - the gadget flagship (relative to others).

First, ONYX BOOX Nova 2 has a large display. We are talking about a touch panel E Ink Carta Plus. It is controlled by touching your fingers and Wacom stylus. The Wacom stylus is "out of the box" and you don't need to buy anything.

Why use a Wacom? You can draw and make notes on documents. The accessory recognizes 4096 gestures. No need to worry about scratches. ONYX BOOX Nova 2 is protected by special ASAHI glass.

Image from liliputing.com

Glare is not afraid either. The resolution is 1872 by 1404 pixels. Sixteen shades of gray are displayed. The density of dots per inch is 300. Special mention should be made of the backlight MOON Light 2. It does not flicker and does not tire the eyes.

In addition, ONYX BOOX Nova 2 pleases with power. At its core - a processor with 8 processing cores. Works chip with a clock frequency of up to 2 GHz. Complement the configuration 3 GB of RAM. Not bad for a reader (usually they are twice as slow).

There is 32 GB of flash memory available for file storage. Downloading is via Bluetooth 4.1, IEEE 802.11ac Wi-Fi and USB Type-C (with OTG). Alas, there is no microSD slot.

Image from liliputing.com

Support for all popular formats is claimed. ONYX BOOX Nova 2 can handle any texts, audio and graphics. Need a quick translation of a foreign language? Built-in dictionary.

The role of the operating system is Android 9.0. If you want it is easy to go online. Also there is no problem with additional software. Allowed to install third-party applications. This is a rare occurrence.

What else is interesting about ONYX BOOX Nova 2? The product is equipped with a microphone and a 3150 mAh battery. Charge a new product often will not have. By the way, the device weighs 265 grams.

If we talk about the price, it is great. In Russia, the device costs 33,990 rubles (recommended retail price).