Opera Reborn 3 gets fast VPN, Crypto Wallet and Web-3 support

10 April 2019

The day before the release of the Opera 60 browser for PC (which has another name - Reborn 3). What were the most interesting changes?

According to some experts, the Opera 60 browser is able to set a new standard among web browsers.

The developers have worked on the design of the browser so that the user can not be distracted by anything, focusing on the web content. Lines separating sections have been removed: you can browse pages without anything getting in the way.

Opera Reborn 3 получит быстрый VPN, Crypto Wallet и поддержку Web-3

The interface provides for dark and light options. The active page will be positioned higher in the browser than the others. At the same time now "Simple Settings" and "Snapshot" will take place in the address bar, which is more convenient.

The new Opera 60 has a VPN service. It is in all versions of Opera. However, importantly, it has now become significantly faster. The function does not involve any payment, and its traffic is not limited.

Opera Reborn 3 supports Web-3. This is a modern technology at the intersection of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and distributed systems. This makes the capabilities of the browser more extensive. With the feature you can access applications in Ethereum blockchain, also known as dApps, which means "decentralized applications". Crypto Wallet is a wallet that allows you to store cryptocurrency, tokens and more. It is also available in the new Opera.

The developers told that, like a normal wallet, Crypto Wallet stores data not only about the currency, but also about the identity of its owner. This is a completely secure way to identify yourself on websites.

Opera Reborn 3 has an effective ad blocker. This speeds up the loading of web pages and generally makes the web experience more convenient.