A manned drone performs incredible stunts

18 February 2020

Everyone has heard about drones. What about a drone operated by a human? Not from the ground, but sitting in the cockpit of a car. Take a look at the Big Drone trials.

Image from newatlas.com

The device was created by Drone Champions AG. It's unique, the first of its kind in the world. Big Drone can be called a racing model. Its main purpose is extreme stunts with a pilot on board.

Take a look at the video published by the developers. The video shows Big Drone testing (at Harvath Proving Ground). It can do flips, dead loops, and much more.

What the Big Drone can do is fantastic. We are talking about a real bolide. It has unsurpassed maneuverability. It is all about special design.

For example, the body is based on carbon fiber. There are six suspensions, each with two propellers. They are powered by motors (12 in total). Unfortunately, there are no detailed specifications.

Who wants something like this? Drone Champions AG wants to interest enthusiasts and sports pilots. The Big Drone is suitable for competitions and colorful shows.

It is currently being polished to perfection. Particular attention is paid to safety. Alas, the start date of sales is being concealed (as well as the price).