The CARD20 is the ultrathin equivalent of AirPods

18 February 2020

The success of AirPods is obvious to everyone. Many developers dream of repeating it. Yobybo is no exception. Yobybo has designed the CARD20 wireless headset.

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The novelty stands out against the background of other TWS. The model is ultra-thin. The thickness of the CARD20 charging case is 12.7 mm. Each earpiece weighs only 2.8 grams.

If you believe Yobybo, the product is unique. It is literally the most compact on the market. To achieve this, the creators of the CARD20 studied 6,000 TWS from competitors.

Battery life is up to 5.5 hours. The branded case increases the figure by 16 hours (thanks to the built-in battery capacity of 300 mAh). Special mention should be made of moisture protection. IPX4 certification ensures that there is no fear of splashing.

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With the sound quality is all right. First, CARD20 supports aptX. Second, audio transmission delays are minimal. This is guaranteed by Bluetooth 5.0 protocol.

Communication with the signal source is carried out at a distance of up to 10 meters. At the heart of the CARD20 is a chip Qualcomm QCC3020. You can listen to music in two modes: stereo and mono.

The gadget makes it possible to make calls (when connected to the phone). Special algorithms eliminate extraneous noise. In addition, the speech intelligibility increases.

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The CARD20 is also delighted with the quick recall of voice assistants. It is sufficient to touch the touch area on the housing. Sales will start in April this year. The retail price is $129.

Pre-orders are accepted on the Indiegogo platform.