Google Pixel Slate tablets have fallen incredibly in price

02 March 2020

A couple of years ago, Google released powerful "tablets. The line was called Pixel Slate. The characteristics of the gadgets were impressive, as were the prices. The top version was offered for $1,599.

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As you can see - not everyone can afford it. However, the situation has changed. It became known that Google reduced the price. The discounts are substantial - they range from $399 to $700.

In practice this means the following. The junior Google Pixel Slate now sells for $499. Previously, the tablet was asked for $799. The device has 8GB of RAM and an Intel Core m3 processor.

Want more? Then you need the middle version. It too has 8GB of RAM, but a better chip - Intel Core i5. It's now priced at $599 (previously it was $999). Not bad, don't you think?

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The older Google Pixel Slate for $1599 is especially lucky. It's "slimmed down" by $700 - to an adequate $899. Plus a stylus and keyboard as a gift. On those terms, you can take it. It has 16 GB RAM and Intel Core i7.

The rest of the specifications of the devices are the same. There is a 12.3-inch screen, built-in speakers and Chrome OS as the OS. The resolution of the front and rear cameras is 8 MP.

Completing the configuration is a fingerprint scanner and a 48 Wh battery.