Navy OS is the killer of EMUI and MIUI

02 March 2020

Smartphone manufacturers are not very fond of "pure" Android. They don't find the Google interface simple. So they create their own UI - in the form of a firmware or shell.

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The most famous solutions are MIUI and EMUI. They are based on Android, but look different. Something similar - called Harmony OS - began to develop by Huawei.

The Chinese brand Vivo does not want to stand aside. The company has a branded counterpart. This is evidenced by the registration of the trademark Navy OS.

Unfortunately, there are few details. What is clear is that Navy OS is based on Android. Do MIUI and EMUI have a new competitor? We'll know in the near future. So far there is only speculation.

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Navy OS will probably be part of the Apex 2020 phone. This model Vivo announced the other day. The device is conceptual, it combines the most advanced technology.

The Apex 2020 is devoid of fashionable notches. The 16 MP front lens is placed under the screen. The 6.45-inch display itself is of the "waterfall" type. The panel goes on the side edges of the gadget.

In terms of performance Apex 2020 is not inferior to other flagships. There is 12GB of RAM and the top-of-the-line Snapdragon 865 processor. Separately, the 2000 mAh battery is worth mentioning. It fully charges wirelessly in 20 minutes.

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The recharge comes on 60 watts of power. Cables are best forgotten about. The Apex 2020 doesn't have any connectors. The main camera is a 48 MP periscope. Complementing the configuration is a 256GB flash drive.

There is an opinion that the Apex 2020 will never come out. It is a testing ground for various experiments. However, its "chips" will get production devices Vivo. Let's wait and see.