Xiaomi unveiled the fastest wireless charger

02 March 2020

Xiaomi developers are not wasting time. Why wait for competitors? It became known about the company's new device. It will make the life of owners of gadgets more convenient.

Xiaomi engineers have created a unique charger. There is no similar on the market. The solution is wireless and produces a power of 40 watts. This allows you to "revive" a dead phone for 40 minutes. We are talking about devices with batteries up to 4000 mAh. For example, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro.

20 minutes is enough to fill the battery to 57%. For such accessories - this is an incredible result. Xiaomi's technology is not inferior to Vivo's 60-watt counterpart (which has been rumored online).

If Xiaomi is to be believed, power is not the main thing. Speed does not always depend on it. The conclusion is confirmed by numerous tests. In addition, the Chinese invention does not overheat.

Image from androidheadlines.com

When the implementation will start - it is unknown. Xiaomi will disclose details later (including the price).