Google payment service is available for iOS

04 May 2018
As many have probably heard, at the beginning of the year Google announced the unification of Android Pay and Google Wallet services under a single brand Google Pay. Until now, the new payment service could only be used by Android-gadget owners. Now everyone will be able to use Google Pay.Google started to develop web-version of its payment service. This means that now all the benefits of Google Pay will be available for PC users. It is reported that the new way will be able to pay for purchases during online shopping in browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox, in which the button "Buy with G Pay" to make the payment has already appeared. Interestingly, thanks to the innovation, the owners of mobile devices from Apple can also try out Google Pay. They will also be able to easily pay for purchases when shopping online, as well as pay in retail stores through contactless terminals. In order to use Google Pay, you must first bind your bank card to your Google Account. Recall that at the moment the payment service is available in Russia, USA, Australia, Canada, Poland and the UK. In our country, the button "Buy with G Pay" has already acquired the sites of Lamoda, Onetwotrip, "M.Video", "Megafon", "Perekrestok" and "MTS Bank".