Facebook is working on a new design for the Messenger app

04 May 2018
Many users of the social network Facebook must have used the Messenger application at least once to communicate with friends from mobile devices. However, some people found this messenger too cumbersome and inconvenient. In this regard, Facebook announced the soon launch of a new, significantly lighter design of the application.The company demonstrated the new design of the branded messenger at the conference for developers F8. The head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, also said that thanks to the changes, the already familiar interface of the program will become even easier and clearer. Thus, the bottom navigation panel will be simplified to three tabs. Although the icons of the camera and video chat will remain in the upper right corner of the application, but the arrangement of elements will become more orderly. It is worth adding that the program will get a dark, night mode, which will be especially pleasant for owners of smartphones with OLED screens. Recall that work on the new design was conducted since the beginning of 2018. It is likely that the developers have seriously thought about simplifying the messenger, after a huge number of users switched to a lighter version of Messenger Lite. Facebook messenger will get a new design in the near future. Those who want to try the innovation among the first, we recommend installing the current version of Messenger on your gadget and follow the updates.