The payment system from Samsung will have a cashback

07 May 2018
Samsung Electronics has launched a cashback program in its payment system Samsung Pay. Simply put, users of the service will receive a portion of the money spent on purchases back.In order to receive a cashback, users must first familiarize themselves with the list of offers from various retailers. This can be done in a special section directly on the main page of the mobile application. Making purchases in the networks-partners present in the list, users will receive a certain percentage of spent money back. Then it will also be possible to spend them through the application Samsung Pay. It should be added that since May of this year, the company has launched a system of accumulation of bonus points - Samsung Rewards. It works in a similar way to the system of accumulating miles for air travel, and about the possibility of applying the points you can learn more on the website of the company. As it is easy to guess, the cashback in Samsung Pay is currently available only to users from the U.S. and a small number of regions around the world. When the innovation will reach Russia is anyone's guess.