Video autoplay is blocked in Google Chrome

07 May 2018
As many of you may recall, in January Google released version 64 of Chrome, which included a right-click feature to stop auto-playing videos with audio on certain sites. Now, the company has gone a step further. In the new update, Google Chrome got a feature to automatically block videos with sound on almost all sites.The updated version of Chrome number 66 introduced new criteria that sites must meet to be able to automatically start playing videos with sound. It says it has such a long list of conditions that the likelihood of hearing unexpected noises from the speakers when you go to a particular site is very small. At the same time, blocking videos with sound in Chrome 66 will also depend on the user's own actions. This means that the playback of video clips on certain sites where the user has shown interest in the relevant content will not be disabled. Everyone can try the innovation. To do this, simply install the current version of Google Chrome on your computer.