PocketBook 632 Plus - the flagship reader

22 February 2020

Interest in e-books has not subsided. They continue to attract the attention of fans of reading. Such gadgets are released a lot. The most curious models are the flagship ones.

Image from the site pocketbook.ru

One of these is the PocketBook 632 Plus. The device was presented just the other day. In terms of features the novelty surpasses the usual PocketBook 632. What are the differences?

PocketBook 632 Plus plays audio. It's compatible with M4B, OGG and MP3. You can listen to novels and stories. If they are not dubbed, Text-to-Speech function will help. It translates text into speech.

The device doesn't have its own speaker. PocketBook 632 Plus connects to headphones and speakers. This is done via Micro-USB and Bluetooth. The rest of the "stuffing" corresponds to the PocketBook 632.

Image from pocketbook.ru

The screen is of the E-Ink Carta type. The display is 6-inch, its resolution is 1448 x 1072 points. Separately, it is worth noting the backlight. The color temperature is adjustable.

The processor is fast enough - for a reader. It's about a 2-core chip Allwinner B288 with a clock frequency of 1 GHz. RAM on board 2 GB. For the stated purposes will be enough (it is not a tablet).

It is suggested to store files on a 16GB flash drive. You won't have to charge the PocketBook 632 Plus often. There is a 1500 mAh battery. It will allow to read 8000 pages.

Image from pocketbook.ru

Among other things, there is Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n). There is also support for the PocketBook Cloud service. The product weighs 155 g. The price in Russia is moderate - 13 999 rubles.