Google search app learned how to search for music and video from streaming services

02 May 2017
These days, an increasing number of Internet users prefer certain streaming services when listening to music or watching movies. However, it can be difficult and time-consuming to find a video service with the desired content. Therefore, the specialists from Google have improved their search application for Apple gadgets by introducing the function of searching music, series or movies in stores and different streaming services.It is reported that having requested a desired song, artist or the name of the film in the Internet, next to the found content the user will see icons of such services as Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Amazon Video and Spotify. Clicking on them will take the user to the relevant streaming services or stores. This will allow you to instantly start watching or listening, as well as purchase the desired content. Those who are not users of Apple gadgets should not get upset: the same functions have been implemented in desktop browsers, as well as in Android version of the corresponding application for quite some time. As for the iOS version of the Google search, the innovation will appear gradually and will soon become available to users from all over the world.